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Reducing MTTR and downtime in a manufacturing environment with PRTG and SIGNL4

IT and production are becoming increasingly interconnected. This creates more complexity – both in terms of infrastructure itself and the roles of teams. Monitoring is the first step in obtaining (and maintaining) an overview. However, accurate notification and alerting is also required for the various teams to be able to quickly respond to errors and interruptions in accordance with their respective (and often complex) roles and responsibilities. This is where a combination of Paessler PRTG monitoring software and alerting and notification functionality from SIGNL4 comes into play.  

The Multi-Platform Probe and the state of its development

Over a year has passed since we introduced the Multi-Platform Probe, which can be installed on Windows and Linux systems as well as on ARM-based devices and Docker. This allows you to extend the native monitoring functionality of PRTG to other platforms. It is even possible to run a PRTG probe on some NAS systems or a Raspberry PI. Depending on the use case, this opens up completely new and cost-effective ways to reach all parts of a network.

Monitor 3 key aspects of warehouse automation with Paessler PRTG

Warehouse automation has become an integral part of modern warehouses, just as it has done in manufacturing. From automatic placement by robots, through to automated retrieval of items, warehouses are becoming more digitized and autonomous than ever before. Of course, ensuring that automated processes are running has become critical to the success of logistics operations. And like with other areas, getting all the data about your infrastructure in one place is critical. Let’s take a look at some key aspects of automation that Paessler PRTG can bring into your monitoring overview.

Some thoughts on UCaaS monitoring

This is not a new problem, but the pandemic situation of 2020-22 made it all too important to address: Distributed work in teams and entire projects is often characterized by poor accessibility of team members and not knowing when they are available. In addition, communication in the workplace today is often complex and dominated by interruptions and disruptions, regardless of whether employees are working remotely from home or in the office. Simultaneously, the number of available media and devices is increasing for the average user. So let's talk about UCaaS monitoring (with PRTG). i We've written some other articles about Unified communications that you might find interesting.   👉 This one from Telchemy's Anthony Caiozzo is about monitoring Unified communications quality in general. 👉 This one from our very own Simon Bell is not just about his great-great-great-grandfather, but mostly about specific technical details relevant when monitoring Unified communication quality with PRTG.   If you are interested in the general principles of UCaaS, you should start with the text below and then maybe read through the two articles just mentioned, which mostly benefit those familiar with SQmediator and experienced with PRTG.

Crack the Paessler Monitoring Expert Exam: Top 5 questions with bonus gifts

With a customer base of over 500,000 customers worldwide and growing, we are proud to certify over 1,000 professionals yearly. This includes non-tech and technical certifications.

Privileged access management - the network gatekeeper

As a sysadmin, one of your key responsibilities is to control access to the network. You probably have a good idea of which devices your colleagues in IT are accessing and what they’re doing while connected. What about that user from finance who “needs” additional access to the ERP system? Or the engineer asking you to setup remote access to the factory systems, so one of their suppliers can connect to diagnose a problem? Things very quickly become complicated, and that’s without considering compliance requirements, such as auditing, and the new CISO mandated “Zero Trust” policy.

2023 tech trends: How AI is shaping the face of IT, OT, and IoT monitoring

As CTO of Paessler and also someone who works in tech, I like to stay on top of the latest technological developments and explore the trends that will shape the industry in the years to come. Describing the near future is always a buzzword jungle, but I want to keep things as concise as possible: This article covers Artificial Intelligence and examines what positive impact AI can have on the broad field of IT, OT, and IoT monitoring. The three other terms that play a role here are: machine learning,  IT transparency, and observability. Let's get started.

All about the new PRTG release version 23.1.82

i Please note Version includes fixes for the HPE 3PAR and HTTP push sensors, as well as fixes for the delivery of notifications. Take a look here to get all the details. The latest release of Paessler PRTG is now available in the stable release channel! This version comes with the experimental Script v2 sensor, OPC UA sensors that now support unsecure connections to an OPC UA server, security improvements for certain sensor types and an update for German and Spanish language files.

Retrofitting and Skysens - knowledge is power

Whether you call it Industry 4.0, IIoT or Smart Manufacturing, the objective behind these trendy buzzwords is the same - to “connect all the things”. Whether you're responsible for a segment of critical national infrastructure, production lines in a thingamabob factory or a small family run farm; instrumenting and collecting data from your production environment can transform your business in terms of efficiency, cost savings and profitability. As Sir Francis Bacon (among others) observed “scientia potential est” or “knowledge is power”.

Integrated Precision Systems triples business growth using Paessler PRTG

Integrated Precision Systems uses Paessler PRTG Network Monitor to Keep clients in highly regulated industries in compliance and protected by ensuring uptime of servers, cameras, power supplies, card readers, radiation detection panels, and much more Manage device lifecycle planning to reduce frequency of emergency device replacements due to failures Monitor server health and storage capacity to ensure video retention Reduce the frequency of in-person service calls and accelerate issue resolution through remote monitoring iAbout Integrated Precision Systems, Inc. Integrated Precision Systems (IPS) is a full-service, IoT-managed services solution provider focused on enterprise-class security systems. Services range from risk assessment and consultative design to full deployment and long-term system maintenance. IPS designs, installs, and maintains network video surveillance, security systems, cloud data storage, and intrusion detection and monitoring. The company serves clients in federal, state, and local government, as well as industrial, banking, healthcare, education, commercial casino, and incarceration industries. Background Since 1998, Integrated Precision Systems, Inc. has partnered with organizations across the public sector and highly regulated commercial industries to secure and protect their most valuable assets – both physical and human. Rob Jackson, an MIT engineer who worked in the aerospace industry and for Amazon prior to acquiring IPS in 2017, set his vision to transform the physical security systems integrator into an IoT-managed service provider.

Everything you should know about probes in PRTG

Remote probes are an important part of Paessler PRTG. They allow you to monitor networks and devices in remote locations or branch offices. A remote probe acts as an additional monitoring instance and provides the sensors to monitor networks, devices and applications. Remote probes monitor autonomously and send the monitoring results back to the PRTG core server for each check they perform.

You can now use the new PRTG UI in production environments!

Yes, the headline is right! From PRTG version 23.1.82, you can use the new UI for PRTG Network Monitor on your production systems. The 📦 "fragile" AKA "alpha" label is gone, and the included features are constantly growing.

Automate tasks in Paessler PRTG with Ansible

Hang on, before you think, “This article will be way too technical for me...”, don’t skip it! I'll explain it simply! 🫶

Keeping warm (enough) with PRTG

I often joke with my international colleagues that here in the UK, we measure the passing of the seasons by the temperature of the rain. Thanks to some research done by a local utility company, I recently found out that the area I live in is officially the “coldest, wettest and windiest” place in North Wales – I’m not sure if I should be proud or plan to relocate!

DKV Mobility Live secures its telemetry solution with PRTG

DKV Mobility Live relies on Paessler PRTG Enterprise Monitor to monitor its DKV LIVE fleet management services.